gyrotonic® movement system



~ Julia Erickson, Professional Ballerina (formerly with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre)

“Erin has an incredible talent for and intuition about the body and its kinesthetic and energetic integration. She applies a lifetime of experience as a professional ballet dancer to her gyrotonic expertise which gives her instruction great depth and breadth. She is sensitive and caring, yet she motivates you to achieve more than you likely think is possible through her intelligent encouragement - the result is an amazing, customized, one of a kind workout and healing experience. She has helped me “connect the dots” many times, and my career has benefitted significantly because of our working together.”


Mary O'Malley, certified instructor • RYT • mindfulness facilitator pilates • yoga • Gyrotonic®

Erin is an exquisite teacher. As a gyrotonic teacher and former dancer, I've been around many instructors through the years and Erin is one of the best. She's incredibly warm and kind in her approach and immediately puts you at ease. Her eye is impeccable, and her ability to fine tune issues in my body and help me move with more ease, grace and fluidity is unparalleled. I learn something new in every session and gain greater insight into my movement capacity. I feel very grateful to be able to work and grown with her!


Danielle Litman, Certified GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Trainer

“As a professional Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor I only trust the best instructors for my prenatal and postnatal training. During pregnancy my body was so tight and I had so much hip pain, etc., I needed help. Erin helped me though it. Erin literally trained me the day I went into labor because I wanted the baby out. She is amazing!