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The GYROTONIC® method was created by Juliu Horvath in the late 1970's, a former professional ballet dancer.  Juliu, while dancing suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon that ended his career.  This is where his deep exploration in the movement began and ultimately the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® was born.

With the use of specialized equipment, a cable pulley system is utilized to simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles and tendons while increasing the range of motion in the joints to achieve the full capability of the muscles, tendons, and joints.  If you consider the body as a series of hinges, and you continue to move the hinge in only one direction, the lifespan of that hinge is limited.  However, if you add rotation to the hinge, the lifespan is far greater.  It is not only linear movements but multidimensional movement with rotation that promotes longevity in the joints of the body.  Incorporating breathe with each corresponding movement will start to eliminate stagnation in the body and allow for the body to connect energetically and essentially heal itself.  For even more information, please go to


1 hour Private: $120
1.5 hour Private: $180
1 hour Professional Dancer/Trainer Private: $100
1 hour Duet: $75 (per person)

All hourly Private sessions are individualized one-on-one sessions and Duets offer more of a group experience with the individualized attention of a Private.


55 minute class: $50/per person

*3 person minimum per class

I am most happy to come to see you at your home if you have the GYROTONIC® equipment available in your home gym. 

Price available upon request.

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Having 20+ years of professional ballet experience behind me,  I love the opportunity to enhance your technique, artistry, and awareness to deepen your level of understanding for YOUR body that will allow you to progress forward.  How you want to deepen your practice is up to you.  We can start with the basics at the barre to grande allegro in the center, fine-tuning a variation/solo, pointe work, etc.. 

1.5 hour Private: $150
1 hour Private: $100

1/2 hour Private: $75

*Client is responsible for studio rental fee.

If you have a home Ballet studio, I am happy to come to see you in the comfort of your own studio.


Price available upon request.

I often describe GYROTONIC® as dancing without gravity.  Combining GYROTONIC®  and Ballet together is such a unique experience. A strong practice in GYROTONIC® is helpful and recommended but not necessary to feel the amazing benefits of these two modalities combined.  Doing "barre" with the cable pulley system will allow you to freely move your body with the corresponding resistance to place the joints and muscles where they need to be without compression.  It allows for a very unique experience to take place in the body in which you can't experience anywhere else.

1 hour Private: $120
1.5 hour Private: $180
1 hour Duet: $75 (per person