gyrotonic® movement system

About Erin

I began my professional ballet career at the age of 18 with Texas Ballet Theater (formerly Fort Worth/ Dallas Ballet).  I was fortunate enough to perform soloist and principal roles with the company for 8 years, and it was during that time I was introduced to the  GYROTONIC® Method by a fellow company member.  I instantly fell in love with the method, and can only describe it as dancing without gravity.  Being a "starving artist" at that point in my life,  I could not afford to have regular sessions.  Life makes unique turns and I found myself living in the carriage house where my fellow company member housed her GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower.  That is when I began to play.  I knew very little of the technique behind the system, but this is where I began my journey of learning about my body on the deepest of levels.  

I now find myself living in Los Angeles, having danced with the newly formed Los Angeles Ballet.  Ironically, another colleague of mine mentioned to me a nearby Gyrotonic studio that was offering a training course and suggested that we take the course.  Still being "starving artists", we agreed it would be great supplemental income. I began to think of a career after ballet, and wanted to teach my new passion.  I started my training with Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin in 2007, and finished my initial certification in 2008. During that time, I unfortunately suffered an injury to my ankle and decided to leave the Los Angeles Ballet.  Because of my training, I began to understand the profound effects that GYROTONIC® exercise has on one's life and the ability to heal the body.  I used the GYROTONIC® Method to rehabilitate my ankle and to re-educate my body to move in a more efficient and effective way.  

I have since been certified in all the Specialized Equipment with in the GYROTONIC® family - the Archway, the Leg Extension Unit,  the Jump/Stretch Board and the GYROTONER®.  I am certified in GYROTONIC® Level 2, as well as completing courses in Therapeutic Applications for The Shoulder Girdle and Scoliosis, Applications for Dancers, Psoas Principles and Hip & Knee Rehabilitation.  Most recently in 2018, Erin became a certified GYROKINESIS® trainer, working with SpecialIzed Master Trainers Erika Hassan and Emily Smith. In addition she has had the opportunity at Movement Center LA to work very closely with Specialized Master Trainer, Christina Stroh during her own pregnancies, pregnancy education classes and woman during pregnancy, child birth and recovery.  This has given Erin the insight and opportunity to connect first hand with the pre &  post natal community. 

Being a professional ballet dancer, Erin is specialized in helping dancers recover from injury and/or fine tune their technique while under the principles of the Gyrotonic system. She’s able to give a specific awareness to each dancer so that the healing process and rehabilitation of movement patterns can take place.

Also, Erin is known for being the “trainer for trainers”. Her unique and talented skills provides the seasoned Gyrotonic trainers with much support and inspiration. “I love the opportunity to fine tune and work on the subtleties of this amazing work with others in the field.”

I am currently teaching GYROTONIC® and  GYROKINESIS® exercise in the Santa Monica and Thousand Oaks, CA areas. While I still perform professionally,  I pride myself on being a teacher who fine tunes the details of the movement  for my clients as I would fine tune the movement for myself as a dancer.  No two dancers are alike, as no two individuals are alike.  We all have our own history and our own personal journey that has led us to where we are today.  Considering this, my approach to teaching personalizes a training program uniquely for you.